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Killing Geese Is Not the Best Fix

We solve your Canada goose
problems with compassion and efficiency.

Killing Geese Is Not the Best Fix

We solve your Canada goose
problems with compassion and efficiency.

Long Island’s Premier Canada Geese Control Service Since 1997

We are dedicated to providing the most effective and humane solution to your goose problem. We are a family-owned and -operated business serving all of Long Island and now parts of New York City.

With our highly trained staff of over a dozen handlers, Border Collies, and radio-dispatched automobiles, our dogs will quickly rid unwanted geese from school fields, office properties, parks, golf courses, and residences before they leave behind a nasty mess.

We will visit your problem area, free of charge, and evaluate the situation. Next, we will structure a program that will effectively control the geese while also meeting your particular needs. We offer short-term intensive programs, longer-term maintenance programs, and combinations of both. We can also propose ideas on landscaping or environmental adjustments that might enhance results.

We pride ourselves on being the largest goose control company in the area, yet we still operate with a one-on-one boutique approach. We take extreme pride in the job we do and the fulfillment of client satisfaction.

How We Got Our Start

Long Island Geese Control is a family-owned and -operated company that saw its beginning in mid-1997. Bill Alemaghides, Sr., a newly laid-off worker from Northrop Grumman with nothing more than a dog and a crazy dream, began going door to door looking for someone… anyone that might be interested in his idea. Few would listen.

It wasn’t for a lack of potential customers. Canada geese were a nuisance everywhere. It’s just that, well… the idea seemed a bit outlandish. So, he serviced a few places for free for a while. Soon, these people saw just what it was that he had been trying to sell­—that his Border Collie, Meg, was the real deal. In 1998, he got a second dog, Misty, bought a used jeep to work out of, and Long Island Geese Control was born.

Bill soon realized that he needed some help and began employing, one by one, his friends that had also lost their jobs at the ailing Grumman, as well as immediate family members. A few more Border Collies and a tripling of customers just one year later, Bill was on his way to success.

In 2003, Bill sold the company to his son and dog handler, Bill Jr. Today, Long Island Geese Control employs a dozen trained dog handlers, including a wildlife biologist, owns thirteen Border Collies, and uses ten work vehicles on any given day.

We currently serve locations that span all of Long Island, including world-class golf courses, Fortune 500 corporate headquarters, an impressive number of area school districts, federal institutions, state, county, community, and municipal parks, as well as dozens of private residences, to name a few.

Long Island Geese Control continues to lead the industry with its relentless approach to customer satisfaction. We are fully aware that at the end of the day, all we have is our reputation, and we take it very seriously. If you have a goose problem, we aim to show you what we are all about.

Why Choose LIGC

  • Our customers have all found using Long Island Geese Control much more inexpensive than constantly hiring clean-up crews or landscapers to re-seed damaged grass areas. Personnel, otherwise assigned to clean up after the geese for hours, will have more time to perform more worthwhile duties, saving you money.
  • You will notice, almost immediately, less droppings, and over a short time, richer, healthier grass.
  • School children as well as sports teams will be able to take ownership of their fields again.
  • Our service severely reduces the risk of potential health-related problems associated with goose feces commonly found in athletic fields. Fecal samples from Canada geese have been proven to contain E. coli bacteria, a dangerous pathogen.
  • With our service, damage from the geese droppings over the years in ponds, lakes, and fountains will naturally diminish and revitalize, promoting new and exotic wildlife.
  • The business property will appear more attractive, and ultimately invite prospective customers to your facility.
  • Long Island Geese Control can prevent geese from creating nests on your property, avoiding possible injury to people that come in contact with the protective geese parents, as well as potentially avoiding years of repeat nesting.
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