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Welcome to Long Island Geese Control, Long Island’s premier Canada Goose control service since 1997.  We are dedicated to providing the most effective and humane solution to your goose problem.  We are a family-owned and operated business serving all of Long Island, and now parts of New York City.  With our highly trained staff of over a dozen handlers, Border Collies, and radio-dispatched automobiles, our dogs will quickly rid unwanted geese from school fields, office properties, parks, golf courses, and residences before they leave behind a nasty mess.

We will visit your problem area, free of charge, and evaluate the situation.  Next, we will structure a program that will effectively control the geese, while also meeting your particular needs.  We offer short term intensive programs, longer-term maintenance programs, and combinations of both.  We can also propose ideas on landscaping or environmental adjustments that might enhance results.

Over the past decade, Long Island Geese Control has grown immensely by nothing more than word of mouth. We pride ourselves as being the largest goose control company in the area, yet we still operate with a one-on-one, boutique approach.  We take extreme pride in the job we do, and we will happily provide a list of customers that have benefited from our service over the past decade plus. We encourage you to hear from them what we are all about.

Finally, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or suggestions.  We are always available to answer them. Also check out our FAQs page, as it contains most of what has been asked about us over the years.